Interior Castles

My Dearest Philosopher,

As I travel to the deeper recesses of my soul, I am filled with an even greater love, longing, and dedication for you. It is so easy for me even when writing this to get lost in this happy thought and acknowledgement; to forget that these joyful revelations can only remain if I am actively engaging those deeper aspects of myself—those interior castles that allow you to see, to touch, to taste, and to breath me in.

For it is only through our blissful union that the core of my being is revealed. Who I used to be, who I am presently, and who I strive daily to become is almost blinding when it occurs. My eyes well up knowing that for so long I mistakenly believed that self-revelation could be found in every which way but through and with you!! I used to run from that glaring reality, but no more.

In those blissful moments, when I cling to you, I no longer shiver from fear of our love, God’s love, or even myself, but from the awesome reality of being infinitely loved by you!! For I never knew how beautiful I was until I married you!! I never knew how much a man could long and desire me until now!! For it is when I am absorbed into your very being, that life and love has new meaning. To taste heaven is possible and I thank God daily for his generosity and gift of you in my life.

The warmth of your embrace is both an anchor and a shield from the storm that daily seeks to engulf us. It is here and only here that I seek refuge and shelter! My Beloved, your love gives me the strength and the confidence to begin anew each day; your patience and kindness fuels my drive in the perfecting of myself and of the very act that draws me even deeper in love with you. For it is through your gentleness, another layer of myself is shed, another layer of myself is exposed, a deeper part of me is known and loved, and my heart sings knowing that I share this deep union with you!!

I delight in delighting you. I delight in knowing that through our love you are joyfully filled! You are my heart!!

Eternally yours,

Your Philosophy

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