Transfigured Love

My Dearest Love,

As 2013 quickly winds down, this past year will be neither a faded memory nor forgotten.  An intense year, but a great one!  We learned more about ourselves, the strength of our love, the solidity of our marriage, and the joy that comes with two beautiful children.  I delight in knowing we will be ringing in the New Year together.

I can’t help but thank God for the many blessings and trials that we endured this year.  As a couple we learned to selflessly place the needs of each other before our own—checking our pride and foolish egos at the door; striving not to get lost in the monotony of the day-to-day, but to make each moment count—transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary—became our mantra.

The birth of our second child motivated us to reevaluate our priorities—placing God back in the driver’s seat.  This helped us to see God’s Will in our lives more clearly.  Learning that God can change the course of our journey in a blink of an eye was a humbling experience for both of us.  The insights gained through prayer gave us the necessary tools to create a united front for what was to come—never sacrificing our integrity nor allowing our magnanimous spirits to be crushed—and allowed us to weather the storm victoriously.  The Lord truly does provide when we place our lives in His hands.

My Love, as the world continues to rapidly evolve—throwing Truth to the wayside—I take comfort knowing you are by my side!  Together we will continue to maintain a joyful and peaceful home for our children.  As our love blossoms, our children will flourish—feeling loved and safe.  Isn’t that what life is all about!!!  I would be remiss not to reiterate that our love—a love created in the mind of God—is timeless.  Thank you for ALL that you do!!  Know that it never goes unnoticed.  You continue to be my strength and my salvation.  By looking to the heart of Christ, we can and will continue to lead a holy and sanctifying life—a witness of God’s love to each other, our babies, and to all we encounter.

As we gaze into each others’ eyes, let us toast to a New Year filled with immeasurable joy, love, hope, and peace.

You are my heart!!  I love you.

Eternally yours,

Your Philosophy


About Letters To My Spouse

We are a Catholic husband and wife hoping to communicate marriage and family issues through the thoughtful medium of letters. Whereas our website features our love letters, our social media platforms highlight marriage/parenting tips, our Catholic Montessori home environment, photos, articles, and really anything & everything that promotes and defends life, marriage between a man and a woman, and religious freedom. Please know of our prayers and blessings:)
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