Pearl of Great Value

My Dearest,

It has again been some time since I last wrote to you; forgive the delays my love, and know that the more prolonged the experience, the greater its culmination.

As I was going through my exercises this morning I thought of you and all of the wonderful things that you are for me.  First, your willingness to share your time so that I might exercise which is, for me, much like prayer; when I do not do it, I am miserable and cannot understand why, and when I do it, I wonder why I ever stopped.

These times help me think, they help me relax, they help me be better for you and our children.

Back to my thoughts about you this morning.  As I was reflecting on the wonderful gift that I have been given in you, I recalled the parable of the man who finds a pearl of great value and sells all that he has in order to get it.

My love, you are that pearl of great value.  It is your luster in the world, it is your gentle admonitions, constant support, unfailing devotion, and ready love that bolsters our marriage.  I have found you in this great muddy field of life.  It is curious to consider what it would be like to actually find a pearl in a field.  One wonders whether it would gleam at all when first found.  Of course not; yet its value is all the more precious for that reason.  No one else saw it, and a man who finds such a wonder unseen, feels doubly blest in his good fortune; not only has he found this great treasure, but he realizes that it was not for him to have on his own, but has been given to him for the sole purpose of making his life complete.

Once found, this great pearl can be cleaned, polished, set upon the most beautiful pedestal which shall add nothing to its own radiance, but will allow the pearl to illuminate the partial beauties around it, making itself all the more lustrous and desirable.

The rest of my life is devoted to polishing, shining, setting upon the pedestal for all to know, that you my darling, my great pearl, are that treasure of my life.  A man’s wife, his greatest gift in this world, leads him to God, and leads him to home, and leads him to paradise, and gives him his children.

You have done all these things, my wondrous pearl.  I delight in delighting you, in polishing my great treasure, making her gleam all the more for the world to wonder at the goodness of God; that goodness shines all the more when such a wondrous gift is given to such a sinner as me.

There is yet more to you dearest, for not only are you my treasure, but you have within you the treasure of my salvation, for you are my vocation; you are the path that leads me to God.  On the way we have ecstatically brought more beauty into the world with our two children.  How wonderful a treasure you are; the treasure that continually yields more treasure.

As I look at our life together and all of the amazing things that have happened this year, I see my wonderful pearl shining all the more.  This letter is brief but intense my love, for it is the climax of my hearts growth for you.  I burst with love, my beautiful pearl, and I long to make you shine all the more!

In the deepest love,

Your Philosopher.


About Letters To My Spouse

We are a Catholic husband and wife hoping to communicate marriage and family issues through the thoughtful medium of letters. Whereas our website features our love letters, our social media platforms highlight marriage/parenting tips, our Catholic Montessori home environment, photos, articles, and really anything & everything that promotes and defends life, marriage between a man and a woman, and religious freedom. Please know of our prayers and blessings:)
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