Little Things

My Darling,

It has been so long since I have written you.

I love you so; and the little things that have piled up and got in the way of this letter should be blown away by the gale of love that I feel for you.

The wind that sets my sails to the horizon of adventure and at the same time hearkens to me as a welcome home; this is your embrace my love.

And though it is often the littlest of things that I forget, I know that they have tremendous import to our love.  Like water getting absorbed by a sponge, unless my love might permeate everything, from one side to the other, in all the smallest ways, to all the large sweeps of my sword, my quest to sate you in love is not yet complete.

You remind me of this every day, in every little way that you please me: your glance, your touch, your patience; the way you let me let you down, and still love me; the way you pick me up just by being near me—as grains of sand on the beach my dear do you have as many ways as you delight me.

Let me work, that is, allow me to fail, in sometimes pleasing you, so that I might find each way, every crevice, every instant, that I might please you.  My goal is to inundate you with my love, and it means to be as fluid as is necessary so that we may be one at all moments.

I love you.

Your light irradiates our family, and I mean to share my own hue with your radiance.  I am still learning, and I am blessed to have you as my guide.

Thank you my love for loving me, and know that I love you every day more and more.  I hope to be able to reflect God’s love across every feature of your delectable being before long; but know too that I relish the journey to that end, and I wait with great expectation for the next encounter that I have with you, my quest and my prize.

I love you,

Your Philosopher

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